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Published:June 10, 2022


Playa Bowls is Coming To Chevy Chase Lake

What began as a blender, a patio, and a fridge has flourished into over 140+ locations, thousands of employees, and a mission to lead communities in healthy, sustainable living. 

Playa Bowls was founded by Robert Giuliani and Abby Taylor, who both grew up as surfers. After chasing the waves on trips to Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Puerto Rico, California, and Hawaii; the pair fell in love with the multiple variations of the playa bowl. The two decided to recreate their favorite recipes with their own twists. 

Playa Bowls has opened its fifth Montgomery County location at Chevy Chase Lake. Now, perfect for summertime! Using the freshest, highest quality ingredients, Playa Bowls serves healthy, delicious açaí, pitaya, and coconut bowls and smoothies. The perfect morning booster, your lunch break dream, your post-surf fix, or the perfect nightcap! 

Try some of their most popular items like the Nutella Acai Bowl! A Pura Vida Acai Bowl or The Electric Mermaid. A Stupid Cupid, a base of blended strawberry, banana, and coconut milk topped with granola, strawberry, cacao nibs, coconut flakes, Nutella, and white chocolate. Or, of course, order a complete custom acai bowl to create your own perfect custom creation!

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