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Published:November 17, 2022


Recap, Review, and Update of the Nina May Dinner

The 2022 Barrett Chevy Chase Nina May Dinner was an absolute success! 

Despite the weather, an incredible turnout of 40 attended, most guests arrived around 6:30 and stayed for over two hours. 

Our guests enjoyed the appetizers passed by the team members at Nina May. The Barret wants to express our gratitude to the team at Nina May for partnering with our community. As well as to UnCorked, who was a perfect partner for the wine, rye, and bourbons for the guests to sample. 

Maria and the team hosted nearly 10 tours, and the guests were simply overwhelmed by the beauty of our building! 

Craig Stoltz, of The Washington Post, spoke with Chef Colin, enjoyed the space, the wines, and the food! Our team will be following up with him to garner any potential press. 

There were also six media influences in attendance! So far, three pieces of content have gone live with more planned. 

A photograph with Chef Colin and two influences was coordinated, in order to pitch to the Washingtonian for inclusion in their Dan About Town section. 

The Barrett could not have been more thrilled at the outcome of the Nina May Dinner, and its successes! 

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