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Published:January 28, 2022


Purée Artisan Juice Bar: Cheers to a Healthy New Year

One way to beat flu season this year? Indulge in all the luscious nutrients found in a Purée Artisan Juice Bar cup! This local favorite juice bar serves up 100% organic, cold-pressed juices. The Daily Green is a signature option that’s quite popular, filled to the brim with kale, cucumber, apple, lemon, ginger, and pineapple. A newly released option everyone is loving for a little inflammation relief and vitamin C is the Gold Rush, filled with apple, lemon, ginger, and golden turmeric. A little sweetness and a little zing is a great way to start your morning! All juices have a three-day shelf life, so you can buy a few to drink every morning before getting on with your day.  

Plus, if you’re looking to start your new year on a healthy note and reset after the holidays, try one of their curated juice cleanses. If you chat with a representative at the store and discuss your goals, they’ll be able to help you select which of their eight unique cleanses is right for you.

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