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The Barrett - Up to 2 months free & $600 parking credit - terms & conditions may apply

The Claude - Up to 1 months free & $600 parking credit - terms and conditions may apply

Published:January 31, 2022


Start the New Year With Some R&R at Ohana Wellness in Bethesda

Looking for some relaxation this year? Look no further than Ohana Wellness in Bethesda! Ohana Wellness was established in 2011 to give Bethesda residents a local spot to indulge in some R&R. Employing massage therapists and acupuncturists who have a passion and love for their work, Ohana Wellness offers customized massage and acupuncture services suited to meet your personal needs and bring you balance and harmony.

The spa features a full menu of massage therapies, giving you plenty of options for your health journey. Available services include massage, acupuncture, reiki, cupping, microneedling, and more, given by highly trained and knowledgeable staff. On the massage side, choose between therapies like Swedish, Thai, deep tissue, sports, medical, trigger point, fertility and pregnancy massages, among others. Ohana Wellness is a five-star business on Yelp and is the ideal place for you to pursue healing and rest this new year!

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