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Published:March 05, 2022


A Little Taste of Matcha Goodness at Kyoto Matcha

Thinking of trying out a new dessert place for an after-dinner snack, but not sure where to go? Try out Kyoto Matcha, a Japanese restaurant chain dedicated to promoting matcha and tea culture. Kyoto Matcha is based in Rockville, Maryland, and has other locations in surrounding cities. 

Kyoto Matcha’s menu features a variety of desserts at budget-friendly prices. The restaurant serves up customizable soft-serve ice cream, where you can pick your own flavors and toppings for prices averaging $5 to $6 for a cup or a cone. 

Customers can also get customizable matcha flavored drinks, averaging $6 for a custom drink. 

With options for lattes, frappuccinos, floats, or traditional teas, customers can choose to have their drinks hot or cold. Additionally, customers can pick the level of sugar content in their drinks, from 0%, 50% to 100% sugar. 

Kyoto Matcha also sells other desserts on their menu, including cakes and shaved ice. 

For those looking to get a taste of the matcha goodness served by Kyoto Matcha, customers can order online via their website or visit their location in Rockville. The restaurant is open every day from 11:30 am to 10 pm. 

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